Frequently Asked Questions and Technical Support

Q: When I use H-modder™, I see drop down menu boxes but no options within them, why?
A: H-modder™ requires the Flash 10 Player for IE Explorer/Mozilla Firefox web browsers. The Flash 10 Player may be downloaded here.

Q: How can I get my ideas included in H-modder™?
A: Ideas and suggestions can be emailed to or by contributing to our Fan Zone pages.

Q: How do I take a Screen Capture in order to share my creations online?
A: To take a Screen Capture, please do one of the following methods, whichever applies to you:
If you’re on a PC: Hit the PrtSc (Print Screen). Then, open up any digital imaging program such as Adobe Photoshop, Paint, CorelDraw, PaintShopPro and hit Ctrl-V to Paste the captured image into a new document. Resize, crop to your desired specifications and save it to a web-friendly format such as .jpg.
If you’re on a Mac: Hit Apple-Shift-4, select the area of the screen. The file is saved to the Desktop as Picture X.pdf, where X is a number. Double-click that file to view it in, then choose File -> Export to save it to a web-friendly format such as .jpg.

Q: What are the browser requirements for H-modder™?
A: H-modder™ is best viewed in Internet Explorer 8.x or higher, Mozilla Firefox 3.x or higher or on a Mac: Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 8.x or higher, Mozilla Firefox 3.x. Screen resolution should be set at a 1024 x 768 with the Flash 10 Player.

Q: Where can I host my H-modded creations once I’m ready to share them with others online?
A: Free image hosting sites such as Flickr, Photobucket, Imageshack are all options non-affiliated with

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