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The “People’s Car” has evolved in many shapes and forms, enjoyed and experienced around world and most importantly, cherished and restored throughout the years. Owning a Volkswagen brings about incredible history, culture, driving enjoyment and enthusiast community that strive to spread the joy and knowledge about these great, character-filled cars. It’s no wonder that every day, somebody new is being introduced to the spunky “Bug”, the “Hot Hatch” or the “Hippie Bus”. Whether it’s air-cooled or water-cooled, turbo’ed or all-wheel drive, Volkswagen offers something to suit everybody’s driving taste.

The aftermarket car modding scene due in part to the multitude of local car clubs organized among brand followers and admirers. There are several car events and shows held every year displaying some of the finest examples of modified and tuned Volkswagens. Dubmodder™ speaks to car enthusiasts because the Creators are fans themselves. Dubmodder’s sole purpose was to achieve an online car modding configurator where fans could create their dream dub virtually before committing to the real project car they’re restoring, modifying or tuning.

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